George T


Clever, fast paced, outrageously funny and never a dull moment. So many laugh out loud scenes, quotable lines and memorable characters. This book is relentlessly entertaining! A great read.


Christina (VA United States)

Superb. A thoroughly enjoyable read, engaging characters, many twists and turns throughout. Looking forward to reading the next in the series and see what adventures are in store for them next.



'Derek & Clive' meets 'Withnail & I' meets 'Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels'. The story focusses on 2 hapless characters, Mick & Jim... and follows their adventures for a while through Portsmouth, Bournemouth and America. Although there is nothing remotely likeable about these two chaps, you do find yourself rooting for them towards the end. Lots of sub-plots going on too. It's easy reading, and plenty of laughs. I really enjoyed it!



Fun Read

A high speed tale, written so every chapter ends in a page turner. I annoyed my husband by laughing out loud throughout. Great twist at the end.



I worked for a video production company for eight years and never saw anything like this......thank God! Although some of the attitudes ring very true. That said, this is a fun book to read. A bit over the top to say the least, but very funny which I think was the whole purpose. Great read if you’re on a plane, although be prepared for strange looks if you start laughing out loud!


Fred Williams

I enjoyed this from cover to cover. It’s a crazy, madcap chase, and it takes you to strange places where chases don't often go like Southsea Common, Sea Scout huts, terrible amateur dramatic performances and desert tepees outside Las Vegas! I particularly liked the chat between Vlad and Vic, the enforcers, and crime boss Charlie Sumkins – threatening and very funny at the same time.



An unusual style of writing and it took at few pages to get into the story but then it was like being on a rollercoaster until the end. It was a great read and I felt quite exhausted by the end of it - but can't wait to get into the sequel!


Just Jack

From a writer of beautiful songs comes a thriller with insights to the music industry. If those are your interests, this is the novel for you. I loved it.


Judy Marsh

A very funny book, thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of unexpected twists and turns. Had me laughing out loud in places. Looking forward to the next book - please hurry!!





Over sixty 5-star reviews on Amazon

Daring Dooz 



Judy M

Mick and Jim in Yorkshire. Just as mad as ever with fantastic new characters and lots of plot twists. I laughed a lot, although once or twice it got a bit scary. Totally unexpected ending!

SC Bevel

Sea View Babylon 


 Vampire Midwives



Firstly I want to be Mrs Hathaway - She is so cool. This book is very funny with alot of hilarious antics from the characters.

You really do not know what is going to happen next. The ending was certainly a surprise. I need to read the next book as I am missing the characters and need to know what they are going to get up to. Jen Gardiner


Judy Marsh

This is a fast read with lots of plot twists, great new characters, very funny situations and Mick and Jim are as devious and clueless as ever. I laughed out loud loads of times.


George T

Couldn't wait to start reading this after finishing They Win. You Loose. Glad to see Mick and Jim returning, as I'd grown quite fond of them. Excellent new characters, interesting relationships, and some spectacularly ingenious plot weaving. Packed full of many moments of sharp wit and huge laughs. Am now sinking my teeth into the 3rd of the Implosion Saga as it has me intrigued.



Cleaning lady, Mrs Hathaway, goes from a short mention in Book 1 to world-wide fame and fortune in Book 2. Fast moving, funny and inventive. Great characters, and again, it makes you laugh out loud.



I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it to be as good, if not better, as the first book of the trilogy. Once I had got into the characters, I couldn't stop laughing over their antics. Some of the scenes were so totally outrageous and the vision of the snapping caymans at the waterfall or Mrs Hathaway expertly flying the sea-plane, just conjured up such a picture that I had to finish the book quickly just to reach the outcome. Can't wait for book 3!


Moving on from Book 2 to Book 3, some of the key characters have left the story (they needed a rest after Book 2!) but there is a very clever thread that connects with other previously mentioned characters that I had forgotten about. A totally mad tale based in the quiet resort of Playa Blanca in the south of Lanzarote. Anyone who knows this town can just picture the absurdity of the Sea View hotel placed where it is and all the shenanigans that go on. Loved the book and feel quite bereft now that I have finished reading it. Will there be a Book 4? Soon please!



Spies in Lanzarote! Still, Book 3 links smoothly with the other two. There is no let up in the pace as Mick and Jim cope with murderous agents from the CIA, KGB and MI7, so secret even MI5 and MI6 don't know about it. Great final paragraph.


George T

Another fantastically funny book, with some superb and totally unexpected moments. Vivid, entertaining, and quite brilliantly absurd, I highly recommend it. Quite possibly my favourite of the three books, but will now have to read the first two again..just to be sure!


Judy Marsh

The story of these two guys just gets better and funnier - and can be quite poignant in places. I really like it when a series of books hold together, these books can be read individually, but they also link in very clever ways. A breath of fresh air - thoroughly enjoyable.

They Win. You Lose. 


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