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I've been a copy, speech and scriptwriter for a long time!


Before that, I wrote songs and stories for the BBC, then became a stand-up comedian for eight years, writing my own stories (no jokes!). I also wrote and sang all the songs for my rock band - the Stan Arnold Combo - and wrote some romantic songs which were signed up by a publisher in LA (see SoundCloud link opposite).


I was born in Warrington in Lancashire and have lived in London, Brighton,  and Tickenham - a village between Bristol and Clevedon.


I now live in and work from Lanzarote, with my wife Dee and cats, Bonzo, Jingle and Katti.


In my ten years here, I have written seven funny novels - The Implosion Saga.


The stories are about two incompetent Soho-based corporate video producers who drink too much, don't earn enough and get too many death threats.


They are living at the bottom of a barrel no-one wants to scrape.


I suppose the next thing to do is promote these little offerings so I can achieve my life's ambition - to own a garden shed on Mustique.


(All very well, I hear you say, but have you seen the price of creosote on Mustique?)






SC Bevel


The Implosion Saga


I started off with the idea of writing a very short story about two useless, drunken corporate video producers - Mick and Jim - sleeping off hangovers, in hammocks strung up in their lino-floored Soho office.


I had no idea their mis-adventures would lead to seven novels, including exotic locations like Southsea, Las Vegas, the Caribbean, the Amazon, Lanzarote, Hollywood and the Yorkshire Dales - all of which they manage to tarnish significantly with their presence.


To save your brain from scrambling, I suggest you read them in order, as the stories link together.


Hope you enjoy.





combo Cat litter 2


Moonlightng as a model for a local cat litter company...

Not moonlighting as a model for a local cat litter company...

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Doing my impression of  Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad.

Hay Festival

Doing my best to liven up last years' Hay Literary Festival. 



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